Welcome to Issue 03 of Punch The Camera. 

Punch The Camera is a bi-annual photography zine inspired by adventure, exploration, and open spaces.  Issue 03 takes you through mountains of Utah and Colorado, river gorges in the northwest, urban jungles, mystical national parks, and interiors of small mining communities. Each photographer displays their own unique experience within these environments.  I hope you enjoy these inspirational landscapes and the humans that inhabit them.

Justin Parkhurst

Issue 03 is now available in the online store featuring photographers:

Foster Huntington, John Kilar, Justin Parkhurst, Laura Austin, Jim Mangan, Kevin Trageser, Bryan Schutmaat

Pages:  92

Cover Type:  Soft Cover

Measurements:  14 in. x 9.5 in. spreads

Publication Date: April 2013

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